M9 Lake

This TVC takes clumsy to whole different level. Check it out!!

M9 Cafe

This TVC takes clumsy to whole different level. Check it out!!

Ufone Uth Record

Ufone does it again and puts a wise comical twist on its product. Check it out!!!

Telenor International Calling Plan

Telenor introduces its new plan for international calls that enables you to call at peace with this very affordable plan.

Telenor Internet More

Take a step into the future of technology and how you can find things you want at your fingertips just by using your mobile phone. Enjoy this telenor chick flick advertisement.

Telenor 30 Paisa

Take and seat and enjoy the sweetness of a mother and son relationship. His naivety and gentle care for his mum is sure to warm your heart.

Sooper Biscuit

Get up! Stand up! and dance to this fun filled advertisment while enjoying a sooper biscuit.

Brite- Late Breakfast

Benetone films collaborated with brite to produce this family TVC. Check it out!

Ufone Race- Anarkali

Prepare yourself for a "chace of a life time" around bangkok city with the Uforn Anarkali tvc. With action packed parkour stunts sure to keep you on your feet.

Yoplait Tropical

Prepare yourself for an adventure of a life time with the one and only Anthony Barton starring in Yoplait TVC. The vibrancy and fruitfulness of the tvc is sure to make your mouth water. Not only does it sound appetizing but it’s also a tvc starring tigers, fruits and a woman with a beard. Check it out!

Nokia India (Kiss and Slap)

Prepare yourself for a TVC full of slaps and kisses brough to you by Benetone Films and Nokia. The new application is a social networking application that allows you to play around with people by sending sweet kisses to your loved ones and cute spanks to your crushes.

EVO Nitro

EVO nitro an internet service company paired up with benetone films to produce this heart pumpind and thrilling car race TVC. Fasten your seat belts, take a ride and enjoy the TVC.

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