Ufone Ad - The Restaurant

This fun and exciting ad for Ufone is the first in a series of four large scale ads shot in Bangkok over a stretch of 6 days. The location was chosen for its sophisticated European look to contrast with the sudden change of mood. Some of the ads, like this first one, are extremely action heavy, involving many stunts, and required a great deal special rigging. These are ads are sure to please.

Don't forget to check the Benetone Films Facebook page for behind the scenes production stills.

Kashmir Banaspati Ad - Pakistan

Kashmir Banaspati came to Thailand for the great location - check out the beautiful house and the area surrounding. Don't tell anyone, but while the food and commercial are made for the Pakistan, the models and the food stylist who worked on this commercial are from India. The full shoot and post production for this ad was done by Benetone Films.

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