NEW - Bakeri Cookies TV Commercial

This new ad for Bakeri marks the relaunch of their cookie products. The shoot took place in Bangkok on a set that recreated a Tuscan/European kitchen and cafe. The Singaporean food stylist did a stellar job and there's a lot of buzz about this ad in Pakistan as Bakeri is not known for investing heavily in advertising. The response has been great however, and we're thrilled to show it for you here:

(check out our Facebook page for some behind the scenes photos)

UN Human Rights Day Gets Great Reception

Human Rights Day 2009 – Wherever you live in this world, embrace diversity - end discrimination

Here's a press release from the UN about a Human Rights Day commercial we produced recently. We're so happy with the positive reception it received and the opportunity to support such a good cause.

On Human Rights Day, people from South-East Asia show how diversity can be a powerful voice against discrimination regardless of language barriers. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”, says Thai Pop singer and actor Khun Kob (Songsit Rungnoppakunsi). Children, a woman, an elderly couple and a worker, lend their voice to stress the need for opportunities, dignity, respect and equality. They announce an interpretation of the first sentence of the UDHR in their own language – Thai, Lao, Tagalog, Malay and English.

The PSA was produced by Benetone Films; created by Young & Rubicam Thailand and directed by Razneesh Ghai as a contribution for Human Rights Day in collaboration with OHCHR – Regional Office for South-East Asia and UNDP Regional Center Bangkok.

We thank them, the cast and the production crew for contributing their time and efforts to this production.

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