Benetone Films latest commercial for Yamaha is out of this world!

Marking the first futuristic commercial to be line produced by Benetone Films, the largest, most prolific production servicing company in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia, the Yamaha RevStation commercial brilliantly highlights the world class standard of the arts and sets capabilities available in the country.

Shot in a studio in Bangkok over three days, the work for the Benetone Films team began weeks before on the meticulously crafted present-day and visionary sets for the future.  Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, creativity and a vast assortment of led lights, green and blue screens, rubber, wood, slick and shiny surfaces and more, a total of five unique sets were constructed specifically for the commercial including the Moonstar’s Lab Screen, the Lab Hologram, the Meeting Room and the super smooth Test Tunnel.  The physical building of the sets took 10 days and more than 60 employees to complete.

Also masterfully made-up and impeccable, the final looks for the robots, following a creative collaboration between client, director and Benetone Films.

“Benetone Films is so proud of the Yamaha RevStation commercial,” said Kulthep Narula who co-founded Benetone Films with his brother Rachvin more than a decade ago.  “It is a timely reflection of the timeless results we are able to achieve, either on any one of our countless spectacular locations throughout Southeast Asia or in studio.  It equally demonstrates the tremendous pool of top tier above and below-the-line talent based in Thailand which is necessary to bring a commercial of this magnitude to life.”

Benetone Films, along with Taiyokikaku, the production house based in Japan that served as producer of the commercial, employed a crew of more than 150 people to create the commercial

You can view the Yamaha Rev commercial on Benetone Film's YouTube Channel here.

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