Winner of "Best Screenplay" & "Best Performance" at Orlando Film Festival Comes to AFM!

We at Benetone FIlms are proud and excited to introduce your team to our titles coming to AFM! As well as some exciting news... Festival hit, THE RUNAWAY, is now coming to AFM! 

The Runaway

* Official Selection at Los Angeles Cinefest, New Filmmakers New York, Big House Los Angeles Film Festivals
* Won "Best Screenplay" and "Best Performance" and nominated for "Best Picture" at the Orlando Film Festival. 

Director: Nick DeRuve

Cast: Stephanie Danielson, Eric Michael Cole, Richard Hench

Synopsis: An aging fugitive, finally discovered by the law, reflects on his younger years of excitement, adventure, and heartbreak.

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QMobile i6i ft. Shahid Kapoor

Line produced in Thailand by Benetone Films for QMobile Noir i6i
Featuring: Shahid Kapoor
Director : Amena Khan
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