Benetone Films Appointed Thailand Online Producer for Mukta's New Film

Benetone Films is proud to announce that it has been appointed the Thai Online Producer for Nagesh Kukunoor’s latest feature film Bangkok to Bombay. Under the banner of Mukta Searchlight the movie Bangkok to Bombay is a romantic comedy stars Shreyas Talpade and Thai actress Lina Christianson. First time ever that a Thai lead actress is starring in a Bollywood film.

Talking about the subject of Bombay to Bangkok, Nagesh said that he has been a frequent visitor to Thailand. "I truly enjoyed the place...this is a place I wanted to showcase in the film. I've tried to understand the Thai culture and from my research I can say that there are a lot of similarities between Indian and Thai cultures. It's Same Same...But Different." Same Same...But Different also happens to be the catch line of the film that is written in a zany manner on the film's poster that resembles an Airline Boarding Pass. The maverick director seems to be completely smitten by Thai culture and wants to showcase Thailand in a different light.

Mukta Searchlight films was launched in 2004 by the Veteran film maker Subash Ghai to encourage independent cinema and debut film-makers with low cost productions, while Mukta Arts Entertainment was launched to cater to mainstream popular cinema like last release 36 China Town and this year's release Sangeeth Sivan's Apna Sapna Money Money.

The filming starts from 15th March to 21st April in Bangkok, Kha Yai and Kho Chang. It should be an exciting schedule. Please do visit our blog for regular updates of the shoots and prodution stills.

Headlines: Bollywood trains cameras on Thailand

By Rohini Bhandari

23 February 2007, 10:45 AM

MUMBAI: Bollywood, ever in search of exotic locales, seems to be setting its sights on Thailand. E Niwas' De Taali and Nagesh Kukunoor's Bombay to Bangkok are two forthcoming films, which will be shot in the country.
Thailand too is keen to welcome Bollywood with open arms. In 2006, of the 450 foreign film productions produced in Thailand, 79 were from India. These included ads, music videos, short films and feature films.

In the most recent and enterprising Thailand – Bollywood connection, Mukta Searchlight Films' Bombay to Bangkok will be extensively shot in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. In fact, it was the city itself that inspired director Nagesh Kukunoor to script his film. He says, "As a frequent visitor to Thailand, I truly enjoyed the place. During my research, I found that Indians and Thais are 'same same but different' (which incidentally, is the tagline of Bombay to Bangkok). It was with this basic concept that I wrote Bombay to Bangkok as a romantic comedy."

Ghai's earlier film, 36 China Town too was shot in Thailand. In recent times, films like Kaal and Anthony Kaun Hai have been shot in Thai cities. While Kaal was billed Rs 10 million (Rs one crore) for a 10 day shooting schedule, Anthony Kaun Hai was shot for a period of 30 days for Rs 16 million (Rs 1.6 crore).

"The rates differ on the basis of the script, producer and scale of the film. Another factor that determines the rates is how well our country is projected in the film," says Thai Consulate General Jesada Chavarnbhark.
Chavarnbhark, who was present at the launch of Bombay to Bangkok says that if a documentary or commercial film is to be shot in Thailand, the relevant permissions can be obtained within one day.

Currently, the country does not offer rebates or subsidies to filmmakers, but will soon chalk out plans and rates that will make Thailand an enterprising destination for Bollywood filmmakers.

Source: Business of Cinema

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