"Stranger" continues shooting despite Thai floods

"A Stranger in Paradise" stars Stuart Townsend.

Hollywood independent film “A Stranger in Paradise”, executive produced and line produced in Thailand by Benetone Films, bravely charged ahead with filming in locations around Bangkok, despite floodwaters from the north approaching the inner capital in October and November.

On November 5, the production team was shooting a complex action scene that involved actors jumping from a bridge onto a moving canal boat in Banglamphoo district, even as the flood was hardly one kilometer away on the Thonburi side of the city across Pinklao bridge. Everyone involved in the production, from the Thai crew to the US crew as well as the actors, was 100% focused on the task at hand and got the shots they needed. The atmosphere on the set was relaxed but professional, with star Colin Egglesfield buying Thai popsicles for the entire unit to help with the stifling heat.

“Some people were nervous about shooting in Thailand because of the flood issue,” said Benetone Films producer Kulthep Narula. “But everyone loved the script and knew that it had to be shot here. Certain locations weren't accessible so we had to go with alternate plans, but everyone involved was extremely cooperative and we are managing to get what we want for the film.”

A Stranger in Paradise is Benetone's first foray into Hollywood filmmaking after years of producing successful Bollywood films and international TV commercials. “This is the first Hollywood film that we are investing in. It's a nice little project, small independent film. We managed to secure some great cast. The films is looking fantastic. We have a sales company attached to the film and they've started marketing it to the American Film Market in Los Angeles. We've been getting some good response and we're all very excited.”

A Stranger in Paradise stars Colin Egglesfield (Something Borrowed, Beautiful Dreamer), Stuart Townsend (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Chaos Theory), Catalina Sandino Moreno (Oscar-nominated for Maria Full of Grace, Fast Food Nation), Byron Mann (Red Corner, Catwoman), and Gary Daniels. Thai casts includes some A list actors Sonia Couling, Tui Teerapat and Moo Somphob.

The feature is written and directed by Jay Boccia, and produced by 24/7 and Hillin Entertainment. It is executive produced by Benetone Films and Marengo Films, line produced by Benetone Films, and Cinema Management Group (CMG) is the worldwide sales agent.

Benetone to produce first Hollywood movie: "Stranger in Paradise"

Benetone Films is producing its first Hollywood movie "Stranger in Paradise", starring Stuart Townsend, Colin Egglesfield, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Byron Mann, and Gary Daniels!

Benetone Films is the largest production company in Thailand. After working on over 60 feature films and 350 TV commercials, Benetone is leveraging its extensive experience in Thailand to venture into executive producing its first Hollywood feature film. Rachvin and Kulthep Narula of Benetone Films count Bollywood smash hit "Ready", starring mega-star Salman Khan, and "Luck", starring Sanjay Dutt, amongst their many credits produced in Thailand.

Beverly Hills-based international sales company Cinema Management Group (CMG) acquired worldwide rights for the feature thriller Stranger in Paradise and principal photography is happening in Thailand with Benetone Films overseeing the project.

The plot's this: On the verge of becoming a partner at a multibillion-dollar hedge fund, Josh Pratt’s life takes a drastic turn when the SEC launches an investigation against the head of the company for insider trading. Forced into a “vacation” he never asked for, Josh finds himself in Bangkok with a price on his head and a morally ambiguous older brother who is knee deep in the Thai mafia. Josh’s only chance of escape is to give up information he doesn’t even know he has.

Colin Egglesfield

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