How to shoot successfully in Europe? - 3 Simple Tips

Your creative side wants it…Europe’s inspiring architecture, its hypnotic mountains, sun kissed beaches and wind swept coastlines. Countless legendary films have been shot here, and you know you can make your final product unique and great.
If only…
If only your practical side wasn’t so very aware of the challenges and hurdles, the nightmares of delays and cost overruns in the land of myriad languages and cultures.
Others have failed and you don’t want to be one of them.
What if you could have the beauty without the beast that burns your pocket?

What if you could have it all?

1. Prepare Early

Yes, it’s obvious.

But also boring and so a surprising number procrastinate dealing with the details and end up paying much more than necessary in money and worse, precious time. Validity of passports, applying for visas, advance booking for flights and hotels, arranging your pickup, meals and local transport in Europe, finding a translator, applying for insurance. Also, is everyone including you, your customer and crew, in agreement on the exact objectives of the shoot?

Prepare early. Way early.

2. Research 

Thinking about taking your own gear? Make sure it’s compatible with the EU system. Also plan on dealing with customs at the airport.
Shooting in Southern Europe? Consider siesta hours while planning your shoots.
Are there any public or bank holidays during your shoot?
Do you have all the permits you need?
Are vegetarian and other special meals easily available for your crew?
Logistics. Gas is expensive, are you traveling by car or flight? Are your hotels close to the shoot site?
What about medical and other emergencies? Where are the nearest hospitals and how to get there?
Research is the tedious cousin of Tip # 1, and will punish you if ignored.

Attend to this before anything else.

3. Trust a Local Expert

This is the “Relax and Let Go” option, where you place all your tasks in the hands of a Capable Local Expert.

Someone who knows the Ins and Outs.
Someone who can Make Things Happen.
Someone who is able to:

— Produce and Line produce your Film
— Navigate the local culture and language
— Make sure your permits and paperwork are up to date and legitimate.
— Provide expert filming crew and world class equipment
— Enlist the support of local film commissions
— Provide logistics support for accommodation, local travel and filming.

Someone like Benetone Europa.

The above just a small sample of what our fully staffed Munich office has already done for more than 11 films and commercials in our first year of operations alone.

Worry should never be a part of your project brief, and we are here to ensure that your filming is always on schedule and always within budget.

Benetone Europa provides you with the stability and peace of mind you need so you can focus on what you do best. Film making. 

Contact Us Now and see how we can help you!

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