Toyota Fortuner Ad - Final Cut

Here's the final cut of the Toyota TVC we finished recently. Don't forget to check out the behind the scenes photos we posted also.

Levi Strauss India TVC - Starring Shahid Kapool

Here's a look at our TVC filmed in Thailand for Levi Strauss India starring Bollywood heartthrob Shahid Kapoor:

Omore Product Launch - Pakistan PART II

Here's a look at the second shoot for the new Omore ice-cream product line. For this shoot they were looking for a creepy house setting (Addams Family-esque).

Here's the finished shoot:

Another draw for Omore was the top notch work by the artificial foods creation team. That's right... that's not real ice-ceam, but it sure looks delicious!

Omore Product Launch - Pakistan PART I

The crew from Omore in Pakistan is launching some new dessert products and came to Thailand for the shoots. Omore wanted to take advantage of the superb art direction team and diverse locations here.

Here's a look at the first shoot:

You'll notice the art direction team designed the color scheme to give it a child-like cartoonish quality (cat in the hat-esque) that along with the playful theme makes the Omore ice-pops look great!

Toyota Fortuner Ad - BTS

As promised we're back with some behind the scenes photos from our Toyota Fortuner ad. Take a look at some of the action pics from the shoot:

Thanks to everyone for all the good work!

Toonpur Ka Superhero - Coming Soon!

Scheduled for release this December is the mixed live action and animation film (think Space Jam) Toonpur Ka Superhero. We worked with Stunt Director Jack Gill (Death Race, Wild Hogs, Talladega Nights) and a US based stunt team to pull off some hectic sequences.

We got permission from the aviation department to land a helicopter in the middle of the sea on a huge (over 100 meters) barge that we had to modify to accommodate the helicopter's massive size and weight. It was the first time anyone has been given the permit allowing such a maneuver.

We rigged two barges to pull off a stunt where a jetski does a jump and complete flip over a pier.

We also shot a stunt at the Hilton Arcadia in Phuket with a huge rigging that carried a motorcycle across two buildings (over 200 meters).

It was a great shoot and we cant wait for the release of this one. Check out the official movie website here.

Toyota Fortuner Ad

We just finished a TV commercial to be aired in India for Toyota's Fortuner. Benetone Films was responsible for all the rigging for the shoot. The ad aims to show the dual nature of the vehicle as efficient for the hustle and bustle of the big city and for long leisure drives through the country. We shot in 10 locations in Bangkok and Pattaya over three days.

(behind the scenes pics coming soon)

"Chunnu N Munnu" - Notes From The Crew

It just so happens that shooting just finished for the new family film Chunnu N Munnu and, as promised, here are a few more behind the scenes photos from this really fun upcoming feature and some nice words from the crew:

" redefined team work - every member of your team was amazing as a worker and more as humans... thanks to you and your team" - Aziz Sajawal, Director

"...What struck me was the efficiency, punctuality and above all the humanity that was evident in abunance with the whole team. This made for a very happy unit and this what made this long and continuous schedule really possible..." - Nadeem Khan, Dir. of Photography

Big thanks to Aziz, Nadeem, and the rest of the crew for such a great shoot!

New Feature! - "Notes From The Crew"

We thought it would be nice if, when we finish a project, we share with you a little more from the shoot (i.e. stills, clips, etc.) and some notes from the crew we worked with. Partly we like this idea because you get to see a little more of what's happening behind the scenes and get a sneak peak at upcoming movies and commercials. And partly we like this because the crews we work with always have such nice things to say!

Keep an eye out for the first installment coming soon...

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