Toonpur Ka Superhero - Coming Soon!

Scheduled for release this December is the mixed live action and animation film (think Space Jam) Toonpur Ka Superhero. We worked with Stunt Director Jack Gill (Death Race, Wild Hogs, Talladega Nights) and a US based stunt team to pull off some hectic sequences.

We got permission from the aviation department to land a helicopter in the middle of the sea on a huge (over 100 meters) barge that we had to modify to accommodate the helicopter's massive size and weight. It was the first time anyone has been given the permit allowing such a maneuver.

We rigged two barges to pull off a stunt where a jetski does a jump and complete flip over a pier.

We also shot a stunt at the Hilton Arcadia in Phuket with a huge rigging that carried a motorcycle across two buildings (over 200 meters).

It was a great shoot and we cant wait for the release of this one. Check out the official movie website here.

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