We're going to FILMART 2017!

Benetone Films will be part of this year's HKTDC Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART), to represent the strengths of Thailand's film industry expertise, business development and co-production opportunities.

This year, Thailand has finally secured government approval for production incentives in the form of a 15-20% cash rebate on qualifying local spend.

 With the new incentive being launched, the advantages of Thailand become even clearer. If you plan to shoot in Thailand, or seeking co-production partners.

Contact Dwight Hijastro at dwight@benetonefilms.com or contact@benetonefilms.com

9.8 Films shoots global locations in Thailand for Lay's

Pakistan production house 9.8 Films shoots in Thailand for the new commercial for Lay's, doubling the country for a series of international locations. The new campaign showcase how the new unique flavors of the beloved potato chip brand takes you into a new food journey.

The combination of Thailand's different cultures and traditions doubled up for Australia, Italy and China. The particular locations were chosen to match with each of the different places shown in the campaign. For Italy, we filmed at Venice de Iris Shopping Mall, which was modeled off of the beautiful winding canals of Venice. For Australia, we chose a beach resort at Sattahip, Chonburi which can resemble the famous Australian beaches, and a Chinese temple in Samut Prakan Province for China.

The Lay's project is only one of the many campaigns were Thailand was used to double up for global locations. Israeli production company Rabel Films also used Thailand for the Spring Tea Journey campaign to double for Africa and Brazil.

Thailand is one of the world's best tourist destinations, furthermore, the country is a great destination for filmmakers. The country can provide the backgrounds to bring every filmmaker's vision to life.

Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won’s "Goodbye Mr. Black" filmed in Thailand

"Goodbye Mr. Black" is a stirring romantic thriller South Korean TV series with a smooth-flowing energy level, excellent cast, lots of great chase scenes, and cool location shots of Thailand. It is a drama adaptation on the manhwa of the same title by Hwang Mi-na, which was itself a loose adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale The Count of Monte Cristo.

"Goodbye Mr. Black" stars Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook, many referred to as the “Black Swan” couple. The couple are known through their melancholic yet miraculous love story.

Produced by Lee Kim/Winning Productions, Benetone Films was the line producer of the series, filmed in Krabi, Thailand's romantic beach. Watch the BTS video of the set in Thailand.

For your production needs in Thailand, email us at contact@benetonefilms.com or for any other information relating to shooting in Thailand, drop us a mail!

MasterChef India reaches Thailand

We are honored to be the line producer of the award winning franchise of Masterchef. MasterChef is a reality TV show, where cooking is not just a hobby for the contestants, but their passion.  Award winning Michelin chef Vikas Khanna, chef Kunal Kapur and restaurateur Zorawar Kalra are the judges of MasterChef India Season 5.

The shoot in Thailand was done at the popular Damnoen Saduak floating market.

The Challenge? The judges welcome the home cooks in Bangkok's floating market and ask them to prepare a Thai three course meal. With the winner announced, the other cooks have to prepare a dish using the ingredients in the mystery box challenge.

For your production needs in Thailand, contact us at contact@benetonefilms.com or for any other information relating to shooting in Thailand, drop us a mail!

Watch Masterchef India - The Thai Challenge here!

Finding the right production services company in Thailand

So much more than just a 'fixer'

As the world film market has developed and regional film industries have grown, film-makers have a choice of destinations across the globe - from desert to jungle - from high-rise cityscapes to pastoral beauty.

In the old days, when Tarzan movies were filmed in the RKO Forty Acres backlot and in Sherwood Forest, filming in far-flung locations was a massive logistical challenge.

Nowadays, the international air network, high-speed communications, and the availability of local resources has meant that not only can film-makers achieve authenticity and added production value, but they can even save money.

Communicating in a different language, dealing with different cultures, and negotiating local deals has always needed a local 'fixer' - a man on the ground who can guide a production through the local system.

Nowadays the role of the 'fixer' has evolved into an industry of well-established and experienced production services companies.

Whereas before, it was common for a film to bring in the entire crew, and rely only on a minimum local team to handle the logistics, nowadays producers find that they can often hire local crew, local equipment, local cast, and even local creative department heads.

The increased responsibilities of the local production service company make it more important than ever to find the right production services company.

Thailand recognised the importance of the role of production service companies, and the Thailand Film Office trains, monitors and regulates Thailand's production service companies to ensure that visiting film productions can expect a high standard of service.

But with over a hundred production service companies registered in Thailand, how do you pick a production service company for your film?

1. It is always a good idea to speak to a number of different companies. Every production is different, with its own set of requirements, its own scale and budget. 'Shopping' for the right match is always beneficial.

2. Find a company that has experience at the level that you are working. Some production service companies specialize in commercials, television, or feature films. Some companies have systems in place that enable them to deal with big-budget productions, whilst others can draw every last cent of value from a low-budget film.

3. If you are using a completion bond, it's important that your local production services company is 'bondable'. If you are working for a studio, there may be a large burden of FCPA reporting requirements. In these cases, you will need a production services company with legal and accounting experience.

4. Financial transparency is an area which the Thailand Film Office has prioritized. You should expect a full, transparent accounting system, which withstands both internal and external auditing.

5. Ensure that your production services company has relationships with a number of different local facilities and equipment suppliers, so that you can get competitive quotes.

6. Find a company that is prepared to give you the bad news as well as the good news! When you want to shut down a main road at rush hour, a production service company sometimes must advise you that this is not possible. But a company who truly understands your creative goal can suggest alternatives.

7. The right company will not just take orders, but will suggest ways to increase efficiency and value. They will understand your vision and work with you to achieve the best possible result.

We're going to AFM 2016!

Benetone Films will be part of the American Film Market 2016, to represent the strengths of Thailand's film industry.

Last year, 63 international feature films shot in Thailand - a rise of almost 15% on the previous year. Films such as 'Gold', 'Mechanic: Resurrection', 'No Escape', 'Hard Target 2' featured Thailand as a primary location.

They were largely attracted by the variety of locations, the skilled and efficient crews, and the low cost of production.

With a new incentive being launched in January 2017, the advantages of Thailand become even clearer.

If you plan to shoot in Thailand, or seeking co-production partners.
Contact Lauren Baker at lbaker@benetonefilms.com or contact@benetonefilms.com

In Remembrance of His Majesty: What Visitors Should Know

Mourning Period for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Thailand is in an official period of mourning following the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

In this regard, Benetone Films and the Thailand Film Office would like to inform that all foreign production shoot in Thailand is permitted as usual. However, we would request you to observe the following:

• Many Thai people will be wearing black or white clothing as a sign of mourning. This is not required of visitors but if possible, they should wear sombre and respectful clothing when in public.

• Visitors should refrain from conducting any inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour.

• Tourist attractions will be open as usual with the exception of Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and the Grand Palace, as they will be the venue of the Royal Funeral Rites.

• The Government has asked for the cooperation from the entertainment venues; such as, bars and nightclubs to consider the opening of their business operations during this time. The decision will be made by the individual owners.

• Most of the traditional and cultural events will be taking place as usual, although the celebrations may be changed for appropriateness as a mark of respect, or the events may be dedicated to the memory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

• All transport, banks, hospitals and other public services will be operating as usual.

• The related authorities have stepped up safety and security measures for all Thais and visitors to facilitate their travelling around the country.

• For any enquiries, please contact our TAT domestic offices or Tel.: 1672.

Bentone Films would like to thank all visitors for their understanding and supporting Thailand during this period of time.

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