Cinema Masters and Young Talent to Showcase Work in Bangkok

More than 80 international films will be screened at the 7th World Film Festival of Bangkok this year, featuring works from the European Union, Latin America, Asia and Southeast Asia. The festival aims to bring together the new and the old, the masters and apprentices, the classic and neo-experimental, and display the importance of continuity and development between the generations.

The festival is more than just film screenings, though - there are film-related talks like the Master Class Workshop, and other special events on the card as well. Probably the most unique and engaging aspect is a workshop, in co-operation with the Tri Continental Film Festival and Produire Au Sud from France, to guide film producers seeking funds for their new projects. At the end of the workshop, the most interesting film projects in Southeast Asia will be selected to receive funds and the makers will be invited to the final selection in France. COOL!

The movies will screen at Paragon Cineplex from November 6-15 and the schedule of screenings should be out soon. Keep up with all the latest news and info on the festival at the official website and go see some movies!

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