“Marty Press Play”, its time adults listen

Benetone Films is proud to announce its patronage of “Marty Press Play”, an upcoming project bought together by a group of young students. “Martin Press Play” is about a 7 year old Marty who lose his father to a horrific car accident after which his mother, terribly scarred remarried Frank who treat him cruelly. But what the step father doesn't expect is that Marty is looking to get rid of him and it won’t be an accident. The project owners are currently raising funds to the total amount of US $ 2,300 on IndieGoGo, one of the largest global crowdfunding platform.
“Marty Press Play” addresses, through the eyes of the young Marty, frustrations faced by the children who are often hold responsible by the adults for the troubles that they haven’t create. Ultimately, the frustrations bottled up for long exploded and young Martin proceeded to do something which involves the title of the film.

“Martin Press Play” starred a young new talent, Nicky Jaques as Martin, the beautiful Colleen Ann Fleischmann as Mom and Ryan Preimesberger as Frank. The first look of the movie with messages from the director and the young lead can be viewed here

The project has so far raised US $ 1,962 and has still 16 days left on the campaign. You can contribute to the project at http://bit.ly/12alKGF with many rewards available depending on the amount of funds that you will support the project.

The other members of the team include Tom Byrnes (Assistant Director); Jeffrey Men, Mia Christo, Adithep Narula (Producers); Sean Kiely (Sound Mixer); Steve Russell (Director of Photography); Michael Sheptock (Assistant Camera) and Andrea Massaad (Production Designer). 

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