Featured Director: Sorapan Kingpayome (Joe)

For this month, we are proud to feature one of Benetone Films' director: SORAPAN KINGPAYOME (JOE).

Joe graduated at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang with a Bachelor of Fine, Department of Communication Arts and Design.

Joe has been involved in film work ever since his days in university. He is already an experienced film maker, editor and director of music videos. Besides this, he has also won awards for 16 mm. films. For him, commercials and art are one in the same. He tries to find new directions which break all established rules.

Joe’s work is modern, incorporating refreshingly new camera angles unlike anyone else. If you are open minded there are many more exciting ideas to be culled from him.

Benetone Films has access to the most elite pool of talent within Thailand as well as from different corners around the world. With our partners in Asia, US, Europe and Australia, we are able to tap into local and international Directors and Directors of Photography that best match the needs of the project. Visit benetonefilms.com to view our other projects.

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