Watch: Galantis' New Video, 'Love On Me' Filmed in Thailand

After the success of their massive summer single “No Money”, Galantis are pumped and ready to return with a new music video of their latest single, “Love On Me”, with Australian producer Hook N Sling.

The Swedish EDM duo shot the new music video in Thailand with Benetone Films featuring one of the country’s famous temples and local talents dancing synchronously.

“We filmed the music video in the temple of Wat Tham Khao Noi of the popular province of Kanchanaburi in Thailand. The song is a perfect anthem for celebrating pure joy, humanity and creativity and we feel the extremely beautiful temple represents all of these. Also the location was quite different than many other temples as it is set at the foot of a small hill offering a grander vista of the place rather than a flat temple, and we feel it embodies the dynamics of the song.” explains Kulthep Narula, COO, of production service company Benetone Films.

Featuring over 40 dancers, the uplifting video is produced by Lauren Solie and directed by Dano Cerny, who has previously worked with Elle King, Erik Hassle and Tori Kelly.

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“One of the challenges during the production was to find 40 dancers on a limited time. Acclaimed and Grammy nominated choreographer, Noémie Lafrance, worked with a local well-known choreographer for the music video. With only 2 days of rehearsal, we have to make sure the dancers are able to do the dance routines and formations smoothly in the middle of the heat and rain. “

With its smile-inducing and catchy chorus, “Love On Me” is guaranteed to put you in a good mood... and the accompanying music video is equally as uplifting. Director Dano Cerny describes the music video as a blending innovation with spirit and color. The goal is to make something timeless that also speaks to what is happening now and sharing love joy in many forms.

“This project is a collaboration of our two global offices, Thailand and USA. The client having a seamless workflow between their producers, our US office and Thai office in order to ensure a smooth communication leading up to a fantastic production. We all had an amazing time working on the project from the inception to execution. Overall, we would say that Benetone Films had fun working on the project. We were lucky that we got to work on this world class platform and we are proud to be a part of the project and look forward to more in the coming future.”

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