Stills Photography Campaign: McDowell's Signature

Stills Campaign for "McDowell's Signature" - a scotch whisky brand from India. The campaign tagline was “Success is Good Fun.” Since India does not allow an Alcoholic Drink ad, this is a surrogate ad for a McDowell clothing line.
The photographer was Julian Colston, one of the leading Celebrity, Fashion and Lifestyle photographer from Indian. His other works can be seen at

The campaign was shot in Phuket Island on an amazing Yatch. We were about an hour away from the coast in calm sea. The models were all casted from Thailand. Benetone Films was responsible for providing all the production supports for the shoot.


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys were a wonderful team to work with , Hope to be back real soon.

Benetone Films said...

Thank you sir. The pleasure was ours. We look forward to seeing you guys back here soon.

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