Indian Cinema beats US ,UK and China

Facts and figures which surprised the whole world:

Recently European Audiovisual observatory known for its in-depth study of Film, Television, video and multimedia Industry came out with its latest report Focus 2009 on Film market trends of different countries of World. Though the whole world already knew about the combined mass production of movies across India is much higher than any other country in the world, there were certain figures revealed by the study which surprised not only the cinema goers in India but the entire world.

It was evident that being the highest populated country of World , theater admission would be more as compared to other countries, but as high as 3.29 bn, which is equivalent to the combined figure of the other top 9 producing countries of World, reflects the interest of Indians towards cinema.

Though Bollywood has been misapprehended as Indian cinema for a long time, it accounts for 22% of the total films followed by Telugu and Tamil films accounting for 21% and 13% respectively. Growth in multiplex screens which now accounts for 65% -70 % of the total Indian box office boosted the revenue graph which increased by 12% compared to last year revenues.In 2008 Indian box office reached $ 1.8 bn with average ticket price as low as 25 INR on the other hand another Asian country Japan with an average ticket price as high as 600 INR reached $1.9bn mark. Unites states on the other hand generated revenues close to $9.7bn with theater admission of 1.3 bn approximately. Average ticket price in United states is $7. Similarly United kingdom touched a whopping figure of $8.5bn with only 164 million people going to theaters in 2008. Thus Indian cinema beats other countries when it comes to no. of movies produced and theatre admission whereas lags behind in box office collection.

Every year Indian film industry bears a loss close to $ 1 bn due to piracy which is eating a big portion of revenue generated every year. Film fraternity is trying hard to curb such practices and the day it’s eradicated, Indian cinema will give tough competition to other countries in terms of net box office revenues.
Source: Out of Box: August, 2009

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