Nasser Khan – Sights Set on Bollywood Star in "Shadow"

Before you read this article I’d like you to close your eyes and, while keeping them closed, go to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water... Okay. Close your eyes and go to the closet and select what you’re going to wear tomorrow... Alright. Close your eyes and go ride a motorcycle… drive a jet ski… and jump off a building.

I'll wait here.


Did you do all that? Did you remember to keep your eyes closed the entire time? Good. Now you have some idea of what it’s like to be Nasser Khan, one of our personal heroes and star of the new action film “Shadow – The Dark Side of Truth”.

See, Khan was born with cataracts and has lived his life with only 10-15% vision in his left eye, completely blind otherwise. Despite this disability though, he was top of his class until visibility became too much of a problem and he was forced to drop out (in Class VIII). He then studied electronics repair and the tannery business, and in 1995 opened his own tannery. He became increasingly interested in the IT sector and in 2000 became the first blind man to pass all four Microsoft certification courses (MCSE, MCSD, MCSA, and MCDBA) which carried him on to opening several computer centers. Next came investments in real estate, and then insurance. He's also an accomplished musician on various instruments.

He's basically Donald Trump and Stevie Wonder.
And now, he’s tackling the big screen and performing all his own stunts... which mean he's also Jackie Chan.
He's Donald Wonder-Chan.

For “Shadow – The Dark Side of Truth” Khan co-produces, acts, sings, dances, and performs a series of incredible stunts (ahem, you heard me right the first time: without the help of a stuntman). We line produced a good portion of this film and were blown away by his story and his performance. Apparently we weren’t the only ones - his beautiful co-stars Sonali Kulkarni and Hrishita Bhatt had nothing but praises for the man who Bhatt said was “a dream person to work with."

Yes, the movie is deliberately (and overtly) being marketed for the appeal of Khan’s real life story (he is, after all, a businessman first). But no, it does not come into the actual film where the integrity of the story and the rest of the cast is well maintained. This is an intense, energetic, and novel Bollywood action film and we highly recommend you checking it out – especially the parts in Bangkok!

*Author’s notes:

The movie was just released in India last week, so it won't be available right away for most of us, but I'll keep you posted as that changes.

I'm including this picture of "Shadow" stars Nasser Khan and Hrishita Bhatt for many many many of my own reasons:

Also... I will assume you didn’t actually try any of things I suggested when we started… but if you did, I hope you’ve cleaned up the floor, put away your work shirt and bicycle shorts, and I hope you were wearing a helmet. And from now on leave the wild stunts to the people who are actually visually impaired and know how to do them.

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