Acer: the Journalist’s Best Friend

Life of a journalist is a busy one.  A journalist is required to always be on the move for the news never waits for anyone or as this commercial from Acer highlight, there is a little time to get an interview.

The Acer Journalist commercial line produced in Thailand by Benetone Films was developed by DDB China Group, the company known for many Effies they have had won in their illustrious history. To be working with one of the renowned creative agency of the world was an experienced to be cherished; more so when the commercial was a part of the campaign that went to win an Effie.

The commercial depicts an hour in a journalist’s life in which he had to rush across the city to interview a celebrity interviewee. The man had to fight the traffic jam, push his way through the crowd on a train and take a shortcut through a kitchen to accomplish his goal. In the end, he sat on the stairs, sending the report on his Acer notebook as other journalists are rushing to get the interview.

You can watch the video below. 

The whole video is very fast paced from the outset. We followed the guy as he tried to reach his target and in the end as he sent in his report, we can’t help but cheered for him. The Acer notebook completed his task by sending in the report quickly without fail.

What do you think of the commercial?      

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