Thailand Location Series 2: Phi Phi Islands

Our second post on Thailand locations is on Phi Phi Islands made famous by Leonado DiCaprio starrer TheBeach (2000) and later devastated by the disastrous Indian Ocean Tsunami ofDecember 2004. The island Ko Phi Phi is now almost fully restored and once again seeing an increasing number of shoots thanks to its scenic beauty.

Phi Phi Islands is believed to be one of the oldest communities in Thailand, thanks in large part to the archaeological discoveries dating back to the prehistoric period. The name Phi Phi originates from Malay, however the original name of the islands were Pulau Api-Api (The Fiery Isle) referring to the Pokok Api Api (literally translated as the Fiery Tree) or the Grey Mangroves, commonly found throughout the island.

There are six islands in the group and is part of Hadnopparattara- Koh Phi Phi National Park which is home to an abundance of corals a marine life. Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lee are the largest and most well known islands with the latter gaining popularity after being the location for The Beach, Leonardo DiCaprio starrers which depicted the island as the lost paradise.

Benetone Films have also had line produced many commercials and feature films shot in Phi Phi Islands which includes the Bollywood multi starrer Blue and commercial of Spring Tea from Israel as example. 

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