Marvel the elegance, the boldness and…the destruction without a scratch

kohler tapKOHLER is one of the most popular and oldest plumbing brands in the world. Their products are well known for its artistic innovation and excellent craftsmanship; a functional art that is used in people’s home every day. In fact, art is ingrained in the company’s roots. Their affiliation with John Michael Kohler Arts Center where artists have opportunity to create works of art using industrial materials and equipments is a very famously known fact. 
So no matter what KOHLER does, it does it tastefully and of course artistically. This of course includes the commercials that the company churn out to highlight their products.

KOHLER’s philosophy leads them to work with those who equally share the love of art and importantly, bring it out in their products or services.
Benetone Films were honored to be a part of one such artistic endeavor when our company was hired to be the line producer for a commercial of KOHLER which was shot in Thailand. Despite our vast experiences in line producing hundreds of commercials and future films, this commercial was a challenge; a work that was asking many of us to step out of the comfort zone.

As usual, we embraced the opportunity and set on to work equipped with passion and an unrivaled can do attitude. At the end, together with KOHLER, we did manage to create something wonderful.
benetone films kohler setThe commercial as you can see started with a couple in a beautiful house before going on to destroy it with a powerful music in the background.

If you look closely, the house is beautiful and finely detailed. Everything is in its place and the water taps are in a rich, shining golden color. You might feel a bit pity for such a beautiful house to be destroyed in such a manner. Well if you were, then do not worry; the house is in fact, a set.

We began by building a set that is as beautiful as a real house with every detail paid attention to. The floor, the walls, the tables and every little thing were needed to be carefully worked on and inspected to ensure everything fits.

Our team had a limited time and to build such a set in a short time was a challenge that we took head on and worked day and night to ensure everything was finished on time. When we were done, the set was beautiful and ready for anyone to move in.

benetone kohler commercial
When the cameras rolled, the actors were handed tools and instructed to destroy the whole set. Yes, the expression on the actor’s face says it all.

However once they started, they went on to bring on the mayhem and rained the destruction on the beautiful set that was built just a day ago. And yes, the raw power and pleasure of the actors in destroying that set was genuine. Not to mention, the sexiness that oozed. 

benetone commercial kohlerIn the end however after the destruction was over, KOHLER plumbing remain scratch free with the finishing touch of the chandelier falling down signify further how KOHLER can stand any test and remained as it ever is, beautiful and elegance.

In the end, the commercial came out beautiful and very artistic. We were complimented by the KOHLER team for our attention to the detail in building the house signifying the high standards we set ourselves in producing everything that we work on.

Looking back, we enjoyed the challenge and it was kind of fun to create a beautiful set and then cheer on as it was destroyed mercilessly. We learned quite a few valuable lessons as well and of course, look forward to work on more commercials of KOHLER again in the future (hopefully getting to see more destruction.)

benetone team kohler commercial

You can watch the video below and you can visit our YouTube page for more commercials.

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