Our work with Caisse D’ Epargne: French’s 2nd largest co-operative banking group

Benetone Films recently have had the pleasure of line producing commercial for Caisse D’ Epargne which was one of the memorable experience. The commercial with the romanticism concept show a boy’s journey from signing a loan to the day he graduate, encompassing creativity with a rich story telling and of course a background music that helps moving things along, rather than being a distraction.

Caisse D’ Epargne is one of the oldest and largest French financial institution being founded in 1818 and operating around 4700 branches in the country and recognized as the 2nd largest co-operative banking group in the world.

To communicate their educational loan services, the bank decided upon a concept that is uniquely artistic, colorful with an aesthetic feel in addition to the natural flow of the storytelling. The commercial needed to be shot as per the concept with reasonable cost and importantly a professional and disciplined team who can do exactly as the concept requires.

Thailand became a strong contender for such winning over many other European options owing to the reasonable cost factor; besides having a strong reputation in the region for the creativity and high caliber of the art department. Despite being only a studio shoot and not on location, those two factors contributed heavily in the country’s favor.

After considering many options, Benetone Films was selected to be the line producer for the commercial meeting the high standards and the values required. The work started off in the earnest and as the shoot progress, we find ourselves enjoying the work and everyone involved was learning a lot from the experience.
In the end, the commercial came out beautifully as per the concept with the client satisfied and promising to work with us again. Another job well done!

Enjoy the commercial below and leave us a comment on what you think.

You can also check behind the scenes of the shoot at http://on.fb.me/ZVNSNj

For your production needs in Thailand, contact us today at info@benetonefilms.com

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